• 666 - The Devil Made Me Do It
  • Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait - Part 3
  •  Footworxx - 9 Years Anniversay
  • Noisekicks Ontbindingsdrang 2012
  • Together We Are Hardcore - Festival 2013


Making music since the age of fourteen and when busy doing so always forgetting other things to do, sounds familiar doesn't it?

Thirteen years later and still making music with more experience, better software and hardware. But as any producer or performer: Never 100% pleased with the results. Always trying to expand my own creative libary and starting over and over again, just for fun.

Never could have thought that since octobre 2010 my tracks were played at party's in the Netherlands and all over europe. Mostly done by my own best friend: Steve, big respect! On the first of september 2011 my first release was a fact. Asked by GGM Records, Steve and I made: GGM Digital 009 and GGM Digital 022. In 2012 I had some appereances on various albums, some other labels and my first solo EP.

Since then the bookings came one after another such as great gigs like: Hardcore4Life, Beter Kom Je Niet, Army Of Hardcore, Dominator Festival, Footworxx and much more. Two years ago I signed at BKJN bookings and since then I still haven't had enough.


Latest videotape shot at Dominator - Festival
Organised by: Q-Dance and Art Of Dance
E3 Strand / Eersel (19 juli 2014)